Support Group For

Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment

Pre & Post Operative Transsexuals

Also for those who have yet to decide and need someone to talk to

Avon Trans Women is a new developing self help group for pre & post operative male-to-female transsexuals and people who are undergoing, contemplating undergoing or have undergone complete male-to-female gender reassignment.  If you are, or feel you may be, transsexual and you need someone to talk to who understands the kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions that you are going through then please contact us by email, introducing yourself & explaining a bit about yourself and what you would like from or what support you can offer the group.

For those under 18 years old
While we will do everything within our means to provide you with links to support sites and groups, we are unable to give support and advice.

Links for Younger Transgender

Avon Trans Women


A single voice may not be heard or taken note of yet when you bring together many different voices all lending support to one another working in concert.

Then the message of the song will have the strength to move the emotions, lifting the spirit, creating joy where once was tears, bringing the listener to a new level of understanding and confidence as well as a belief in ones self.

    Hidden Angel 2011