Anthea P.W. Makepeace,
3rd September 2014
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A Comparison of Endocrine Treatment for MtoF Transsexuals and Prostate Cancer

The Endocrine treatment for Male to female transsexuals has much in common with the Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) used for some forms and stages of Prostate Cancer.

Cross fertilisation between the two disciplines may lead to a better understanding for example of Osteoporosis (Preston et al, 2002) 

We need to improve the treatment procedures especially for those being treated simultaneously for both conditions.

Male to Female Transsexuals.

Initial treatment is to achieve Testosterone and Oestradiol serum levels appropriate to a natal female.

Subsequently Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS) may be performed (not in all cases) which will include orchiectomy, and possibly, penotomy, and vaginoplasty.
Orchiectomy maybe performed on its own but where vaginoplasty is proposed Scrotal tissue will be required as part of the reconstructive procedure.

Post Orchiectomy The dose of Anti androgens will require re-evaluation in a downwards. Direction.

In some cases the anti androgen effect of Oestradiol on its own is sufficient to control Androgen (Testosterone) levels in Transsexuals.

Initially (1940s) oestradiol was the only available anti androgen and coupled with orchiectomy was the treatment available.

Castration (sic) or Orchiectomy was still the  procedure of choice until the availability of  non steroidal anti-androgens 

  1. All these references can be downloaded from the internet in their entirety.
  2. The important references listed only in the individual bibliographies are not available for free.
  3. Some papers are not peer reviewed and are personal views and highly provocative.   Look at the original publication, if any!
  4. Charles Huggins Nobel Lecture of 1966 elegant description of early work.  It should not be overlooked.
  5. The Wikepedia articles are easy to read and provide a useful start.
  6. Unfortunately the important references are not available without an academic library or academic access.
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