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A collection of papers of use to Trans people and those who treat them

All files have been downloaded from the internet or are otherwise freely available for use and distribution

WPATH Standards of Care Version 7. (short title)
World Professional Association for Mental Health: 
Standards of Care for the health of Transexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People. Version 7.   
downloadable v7 
International Journal of Transgenderism 13 165-232 (2011)

Published 14th. September 2011, 

This has evolved from   'The Harry Benjamin International Gender Association'
s Standards of Care for Gender Identity disorders. V6 Feb 2001 (original version 1979)

This document will be the Bible for Health Care Professionals and the Prayer Book for those seeking to change their gender identity

At present Department of Health publications define uk possibilities

Department of Health paprers accesssible from

NHS funding processes and waiting times for adult service users.
dh82955.pdf    pp 25   Feb 2008
Primarily for Service user   but 'GP may also find the information useful'

Trans - A practical guide for the NHS
dh88939.pdf  pp98    Oct 2008
For NHS managers at all levels as employers and as planners, commissioners and providers.

Guidance for GPs,other clinicians and health professionals on the care of gender variant people
dh85013.pdf  pp78     Jan 2008

Useful for all

A guide to hormone therapy for trans people
dh851582 pp32   Dec 2007

I find this very low level.  Better to read Annex D of dh85013.pdf
(guidance for GPs etc.)

Other Useful papers
Press for Change
Engendered Penalties: Transgender & Transexual People's Experiences of Inequality & Discrimination.
Stephen Whittle, Lewis Turner, and Maryam Al-Alami
The Equalities Review Feb 2007

Gender Identity Services in England: The Mapping Project Report
Coombs, R; Turner, L; Whittle S.   (2008)

Transgender Study: 
Legal Survey and Focus on the Transgender Experience of Health Care.
Stephen Whittle, Lewis Turner, Ryan Combs, Stephenne Rhodes
April 2008

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The Transexual Person is my Neighbour- Pastoral Guidelines
Christina Beardsley paper - very useful for discussion with pastors when wishing to come out.
Download Download PDF
Elaine Sommers
Faith Transgender and me ((3 parts)
A Chosen Lifestyle
Towards Transgender Wholeness
I have a dream
View Elaine's papers

TransMilitary2007.pdf  pp 18
Gender Identity and the military - Transgender, Transsexual, and Intersex-identified Individuals in the U.S. Armed Frorces.

Taryan M. Witten, PhD, MSW, FGSA 

Lots more useful papers by Witten If yuou search Witten+Genderidentity

Hypmasc.pdf  pp 11
Transsexuals in the Military: Flight into Hpermasculinity

George R.Brown
Archives of Sexual Behaviour, Vol 17, No 6, 1988, 527-537
Seminal paper
Dowlnload pdf            View Discussion by Adam Klasfeld

Transgender Military Service in the United States
Gary M Gates Jody L Herman, The Williams Institute May 2014 
Active Total military: 

Active Duty: 15,500/1.196987 = 1.29%
Veterans: 134,300/21,200,000 = 0.634%
Note: Veterans were older 45% were over 65  ? lower trans in older age groups

Equality South West

Equality South West
Seminar  29th. March 2012
Pride progress and transformation
Dimensions of of inequality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the South West

All files may be freely distributed

1Health_&_Well_being.pdf pp 81
Health and Wellbeing
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2Safety & Security.pdf pp 56
Safety and Security
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3Visibility_dignity_respect.pdf pp 57
Visibility,dignity, respect and freedom of expression
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4Knowledge_voice_influence.pdf pp 54
Knowledge, influence, voice and engagement
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  745,065 2_Safety&Security.pdf
  711,640 3_Visibility_dignity_respect.pdf
  683,829 4_Knowledge_voice_influence.pdf
  110,913 Guide to caring for Transgender people.pdf
  723,013 LGBT Directory Final.pdf
  332,811 Out in the country LGBT- rural isolationFINAL.pdf
  534,016 Schools PHSE Transphobic bullying.ppt
1,721,856 Trans Awareness Training_2012.ppt
  384,678 Transgender_Dimensions of inequality in the SW & Workplan 2009-2012.pdf
1,041,006 TransTop 10 Tips Card.pdf
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Bristol Dementia EQuIA

Health Action Plan.pdf pp 14
Health Action Plan
Summary of recommendations.pdf pp 4
Summary of key messages

Trans PDF (1).pdf pp 2
Not labelled but understood:
Transgender Equality in Later Life
The endocrine society:
Endocrine treatment of Transexual persons
pp40 from Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
September 2009, 94(9) 3132-3154
Cornwall Schools: Trans Guidance Consultation (May2012a).pdf 
+covering letter