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revised 9/10/14

Transgender: Stop Press

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 Schedule 5 for married persons who change their gender should come into force on 10th December 2014.

Ministerial statement 26thJune:

Gender Recognition panel statement

has new guidance (30th June) see -line above About us for link to detailed 4 page questions & answers Paragraph 6 states that spousal approval still required to stay in marriage

for legislation see:-

The Laurels Gender and Sexual Medicine Clinic (Exeter)

Referral is direct from a GP

Prospective patients and Gps can contact the clinic,:


Tel: 01 392 677077

Fax: 01 392 677078


Hot Flushes – side effects of Antiandrogen Therapy

If you have troublesome hot flushes from hormone therapy you should be offered a a drug called medroxyprogesterone to help relieve them . A member of your healthcare team should tell you that there is no good-quality evidence for the use of complementary therapies.

NICE information for patients – prostate Cancer

Living Springs Metropolitan Community Church Bath

An LGBT inclusive and welcoming church

FREE Online Training in Transgender Issues

for public authorities and private sector organisations

1. General introduction to gender variance

2. How to create trans inclusive workplace and guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work

  1. How to provide trans-inclusive services to the general public.

Cross-hormone treatment of transgender adults leads to very few long term side effects -retrospective studyof >1500 patients (You first have to subscribe to Medscape but anyone can do this )

Transfigurations – Torquay

very good & informative website – Torquay based transgender website

Transfigurations Survey of Transgender Fiendly GPs

Please fill in this Survey To report YOUR experiences – You can see the results on their website:-

Carol Steele has had discussions which may modify the permitted amount of Naming and Shaming – see her Facebook posts

Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Older Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy

BaillargeonJ et al Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2014

Links don't work buut search on Baillargeon+Testosterone (link does not yet work) (nor does this)

Conclusions: Older men who were treated wit intramuscular testosterone did not appear to have an increased risk of MI. For men with high MI risk, tetosterone was modestly protective against MI.

Process for changing name and gender in Primary Care

This is based on advice from NHS Coventry in 2010 The NIGB is no longer in operation, This is archived material. I am not sure how relevant with demise of PCTs and replacement by Clinical commissioning Groups (CCG)

West Country groups for Transmen

Although not accessible from the Qwest home page I found the link via a Google search – so it is not secret

I hear good reports of M.I.C from a friendly Transman.

FTM resources

57 Genders

This originally appeared in an Australian survey from Honi-Soit University, it made headlines in the Australian Daily Telegraph Take with a good helping of Mr. Heinz's sauce

Oestragen & Autism

Popular version

Research paper

Young adult psychological outcome after puberty suppression & gender reassignnment

Annelou et al

Pediatrics 10.1542/peds.2013-2958 Abstract only available free

WPATH - long (92 page) discussion paper discussing possible changes to ICD11. Regarding Transgender & Transsexual-related diagnoses (31st May2013)

Intersex & Kleinfelter's syndrome, Chromosome Karyotype testing – Explanation & services

This is about abnormal numbers of Chromosomes rather than the standard 46 X-X (female) or 46 X-Y (male).

I would not venture in one paragraph to give the whole story of genetics & intersex.

I recommend Intersex by Catherine Harper(2007) ISBN 978-1-84520-183-8 (from Amazon of course)

Description of book:

The following links may be of use. An internet search will find lots of commercial services largely concerned with defining parentage. If you want to go further please consult your GP first. This a highly complex area and it is not a good idea to investigate too many conditions which may be imaginary.

Cambridge Addenbrooke's Hospital services for genetic testing

Bristol City Council Equality Impact Assessment for Dementia Care homes

This is regarded a good statement It followed a consultation meeting at which I provided considerable input on LGBT issues - with special thanks to Jenny-Anne Bishop. Completed 15th May 2013 Cons8idered worth copying.

Sexual Health for Transwomen – Terrence Higgins Trust

written by Michelle Ross of

download booklet:-

These booklets may be ordered in quantity from THT at £ 0.40 per copy

Sexual Health for Transmen – Terrence Higgins Trust

NHS England: Interim Gender Dysphoria Protocol & Service Guidline 2013-4

This is currently in force (29 pages 14th July 2013) – New Version in final draft f orm and various friends may have copies!!

NHS Health Scotland - Guidance to ask Gender Question:Male, Female, Prefer not to answer

NHS Healtlth Scotland Equality & Diversity training Happy to ask, Happy to Tell

Includes question on page 8:-

Are you male or female? (Please put a tick in ONE box only)



Prefer not to answer

This is based on work by the Scottish Transgender Alliance.

Scotland is far ahead of England!!!

Woman gives birth to first child born after womb transplant

Massive Surgery but we are one step nearer to Transwomen having children. It can be done, but should it happen?

From Rachael Francom's